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A Vacation On The Beach

(Reading Time: 00:55)
One Saturday, Jane and her family were going to the beach for a day vacation. Little Jane was very excited because that was the first time she will see the beach.

As soon as they arrived, Jane got out from the car quickly, and then she ran to the beach. She stood up admiring the beautiful beach.

On the beach, Jane met a new friend, a little girl named Amanda. Soon, they became close and played together.

After playing for awhile, Jane and Amanda took a walk in the beach. On their way they saw some sea turtles, starfishes, clams, and other fishes.

After tired of walking along the beach, Jane and Amanda made a sandcastle, it took some time for both of them to build a beautiful sandcastle. But, at the end, they let the wave swept and destroyed their castle.

After enjoying the sandcastle activity, Jane and Amanda wanted to go for swimming, but they can't really swim, so they need lifebuoy. They swam together with other kids. All kids looked very happy.

Swimming made Jane and Amanda hungry and thirsty. They needed to eat and drink some things. They asked to some one, where is the cafe? They had a good meal in the cafe, and also had a nice conversation between them.

After the sun set, Jane and her family were going home, Jane enjoyed all her time on the beach. It was a memorable vacation for her. She hoped she will come there again some day.

The End
-Merry Key

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