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The Soccer Match

(Reading Time: 01:48)
One final kick would do and his team would win the game! A clearing; his feet led the way, pulling him forward. The ball moving in-between his feet as if there was a magnetic force that refused to let go.

This was it. He'd be the star if he could kick the ball though the white painted goal posts. WHACK! He kicked the ball and it whooshed past the opposing team, now if it could overpass the goalie. Ben's eyes were stuck on the ball watching if it would make it. BAM! Went the ball as it hit the net so hard it was as if it would rebound and came right back at him.

The crowd cheered screaming at the top of their lungs! "THEY'VE WON THE GAME!" he felt proud of himself. Ben went ran to the car and tripped on his way. he fell onto the concrete path and there was blackness, then he heard a reassuring voice and at the same time familiar. He couldn't make out what they were saying but most importantly who they were. All he knew was it was a women crying. Right now Ben was feeling as if he was in the worst pain like he fell of a 10 storey building but miraculously survived. he wondered what happened before this. Trying to recall the painful memory, he remembered hearing a repetitive beeping it was loud, noticeable. But that was only his hearing he thought of what he saw at the time, yes he remembered it clearly. He recalled seeing blue and red flashes of light it was in the beat of the beeping sound. And he remembered the game, the game where, he shot the last goal which won his team the game. Did someone push him? Did he bang his head on the white goal posts? Or did he just trip over one of the loose stones on the path? YES! YES he remembered it so clearly now! He tripped and banged his head, he heard the doctor saying his head was alright but his leg was broken. He couldn't play soccer anymore! He couldn't be in the championship for his team! On the day of the game Ben was in the hospital watching his team play on the television. The outcome wasn't good; his team was losing. So Ben decided to join in, not thinking of his fractured leg he still played but there was no point in showing up anyway, he was helpless. Two minutes left and bens team had to score just once to win! That's when Ben got the ball his heart pounding hard. POW! He kicked the ball, it flew in the net, they won. His team won! Ben smiled and collapsed breathless and joyous . Two weeks after the game Ben and his team went to the ceremony to get their award, Ben received a special medal, he showed true team play despite what happened.
-Beatrice Somera

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