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Another Day Gone

(Reading Time: 00:52)
Another day gone.

The murmur of the television show you've watched a million times going on in the background, the sound becoming white noise as you desperately try to claim sleep. White noise to overpower a brain that can't stop thinking of everything and anything all at once. You use your last conscious thought to thank the non-existent god as sleep finally takes hold. White noise wins.
Another day gone.

Waking up isn't much easier, the first alarm barely registers, the second, third and forth is a nuisance, the sixth you sleep through then the seventh arrives and that's when you notice exactly how late it is. Shit.

Arriving for work is like performing a show, smiles and thumbs up to everyone. A few jokes with your colleagues, same old, everyday. Then you're sat there watching the world go by. You sit there and become numb, no one notices. No one ever notices.

Someone comes over, an encore. A smile and a joke, everything is fine. They walk away numbness sets in again. A couple of hours later its break time and you're putting on a special show. Everything is fine, everything is always fine and they believe you.

Another a few hours later and its time to go home, the show is over.

Back in bed waiting for the white noise to take over and help you sleep. Tired and numb.

Another day gone.
-Nay Que

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