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The Freeza Saga

(Reading Time: 03:54)
Gokou has a reunion with his friends and introduces them to Gohan, his five year old son. However, a Saiyan alien lands on Earth and to seek Gokou. He introduces himself as Raditz, Gokou's older brother, and asks Gokou to join him in the Saiyan quest of universal destruction. But, when Gokou refuses, Raditz kidnaps Gohan to blackmails Gokou to kill innocent civilians. However, Gokou remains loyal to Earth and decides to rescue Gohan through another method-- by killing Raditz! Surprisingly, Piccolo allies with Gokou and the first fight of Dragonball Z began. Piccolo decides to gather energy to do a super fireball on Raditz. Meanwhile, Gokou stalls time. At the end, Gokou puts his brother in a hold. At the advantage, Piccolo unleashes his fireball, which blasts and hits both Gokou and Raditz! Klilyn finds the fighters and laughs at the dying Raditz as he mocks him that Gokou will be brought back to life through the power of the Dragonballs. Gokou's brother replies that the device he uses to detect energy levels can also be used for communication. He sends the news about the Dragonballs to his two comrades, and dies.

Because Piccolo discovered that Gohan had hidden powers when Gohan unknowingly headbutts and damages Raditz, he kidnaps Gohan in an attempt to train him. Gokou, rather than retiring in Heaven, is sent on a quest to run on Snake Way and to seek King Kaiou to receive training for the upcoming fight with the upcoming Saiyans. The rest of the Z warriors (Klilyn, Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Chauzu) are gathered to receive special training from Kami

One year later, Nappa and Vegeta (the evil Saiyans) arrive to Earth. (But, they intend to find the Dragonballs to be granted the wish of immortality rather that to bring back the life of their unworthy comrade.) First come the battle against the Saiba-men (little Green monsters) that Nappa planted. The Saiba-men fight, but are eventually killed by Vegeta and Klilyn. (At one of these fights, Yamcha is killed.) After their defeat, our heroes fight Nappa; Vegeta stands in the background and watches. In a series of battles, Chauzu dies as he sacrifices himself in an attempt to blow up Nappa; Tenshin-han dies by using up his strength to try to kill Nappa; Piccolo dies when he covers Gohan from Nappa's fireball. Finally, Gokou arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta sees Nappa's uselessness and kills him with a single fireball.

As you all can guess, the remaining Z warriors begin to fight Vegeta. Gokou begins to fight Vegeta. The odds are against Vegeta, so Vegeta creates a energy ball that substitutes the moon. Then, he turns into his full moon stage and turns into a giant gorilla. Our heroes get kicked around, but Vegeta later gets his tail cut off by Yajirobe. Gokou donates energy from his Tenki-Dama to Klilyn. This fireball hits Vegeta, but Vegeta survives. Meanwhile, Gohan's tail grows back. Gohan turns into his full moon stage and kicks Vegeta around. Later, Gohan gets his tail cut off by Vegeta and finally turns back into a little boy... landing right on top of Vegeta. Vegeta, weary and defeated, crawls to his space shuttle and leaves Earth.

Freeza, who destroyed the Saiya planet in the battle with Bardock (Gokou's father) is in search of the Dragonballs on Planet Namek (Piccolo's home planet) to become immortal. Bulma later discovers that there are Dragonballs on the Namek, but it would take thousands of years to travel there. PoPo appears and tells about the ship that Piccolo and Kami took to travel to Earth. With a faster spaceship, Klilyn, Gohan, and Bulma reach Namek to gather the dragonballs to revive Yamcha, Tenshin-han, Chauzu, and Piccolo... and encounter Freeza. (The Earth dragonballs vanished when Piccolo was killed.) Vegeta also goes to Namek to gather the dragonballs for immortality to kill Freeza.

Gokou later also travels to Namek after recovering from the battle against Vegeta. Meanwhile, Vegeta begins his fight against Freeza. Minions such as Dodorian, Freeza's right-hand man, are killed. Later, Freeza's other chief henchman, Zarbon, is also killed. Vegeta joins the Z Warriors, but only to insure that Gokou survives the battle so that he could kill him personally. (However, Vegeta ends up marrying Bulma, and Bulma is now pregnant with Trunks.) Freeza then calls on Team Ginew to fight the Z warriors, but Team Ginew was killed by Vegeta (except for Ginew, who accidently turned into a frog when he tried to swap bodies with Vegeta and Gokou threw a frog in his path). Then, follows the fights against Freeza, who goes through 3 transformations to reach perfect form. On one battle, Klilyn is killed and Gokou enrages in an anger that he reaches Super Saiyan level for the first time. (This is when the golden hair comes in.) He beats Freeza (as well as destroy Freeza's planet) with a single blast, and Freeza learns about the true powers behind a Super Saiyan. Afterwards, Gokou escapes to planet Yardrat, where he learns the ability to teleport. However, everyone thinks that Gokou was killed in battle. Freeza's father, Cold, learns about Freeza's defeat and quickly gathers Freeza's body parts, which are floating around in space. His henchmen re-ensemble Freeza. (This is why Freeza was half robotic.) Freeza tells his father about Gokou and his powers, but his father doesn't believe him and boasts that he is the universe's strongest warrior and . (These villians are space conquerers.)

Freeza, Cold, and his crew land on earth to seek revenge on the Z Warriors and to destroy Earth. All of a sudden, a figure comes out of nowhere and adult Trunks appears. He turns into his Super Saiyan level and aids the Z Warriors in their fight. Trunks faces Freeza and his crew and easily kills them. (The dead Z Warriors were restored to life with a wish from the Dragonballs on planet Namek.) Trunks introduces himself as Bulma's and Vegeta's future son who grew up and traveled back in time with medicine to prevent the death of Gokou so that future would not be in chaos. Everyone thinks that Gokou is dead, but Trunks tells that Gokou is on Yardrat and will return soon. (This is the story of what happens in the next Dragonball Z series--the Cell series.) However, Vegeta is jealous over the fact that there is another Saiyan around -his own son- now, who is stronger than him.

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